Women in Finance Charter

Cameron Hume signed up to the Women in Finance Charter in March 2019, and we pledge our commitment to improving gender balance in our organisation.
We plan to have at least 25 % female representation in our senior management population by September 2022.

Our Commitment:

By signing the Charter, we commit to doing the following:

  • nominating our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Chris Torkington, as the senior executive responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion;
  • working towards ensuring 25% of our senior management population is female by September 2022;
  • publishing progress annually against these targets in reports on our website.

In setting our targets, we have focused on our senior management population which comprises any individual in a ‘Head of’ role up to Director /Executive Committee and Board level (including non-executive directors).
Nonetheless, we are also committed to ensuring further gender diversity in the non-management population.

Our actions to support the charter:

  • We will seek a diverse list of candidates for roles we are hiring for.
  • We will ensure we have a mixed gender interview panel to remove any possibility of gender bias.
  • We will actively promote senior female leaders as role models in the business and encourage discussion with them to promote asset management as a career for all genders.
  • We will review the language in our job ads and the locations in which we advertise to ensure we are reaching a female audience.

Why does the Women in Finance Charter matter to Cameron Hume?

We believe that having a diverse workforce brings more rounded decision making, more collaboration and above all, a better client experience. We recognise that women have a great deal to offer our business and we are keen to ensure our workforce celebrates and promotes the variety of views and talents that women bring.

We are also keen to highlight that a career in finance is as good an option for women as it is for men and we will do our part to ensure the culture throughout our industry attracts the best female candidates.

We will continue to review the principles of the Women in Finance Charter and we will ensure diversity targets remain at the heart of the company.