Our ALM Service

Cameron Hume provides ALM service to Sanlam Investment and Pensions.


Cameron Hume, the fixed income specialist, has been appointed by Sanlam Asset Management (Ireland) on behalf of Sanlam Investment and Pensions (SIP) to provide an asset liability matching (ALM) service.

The Edinburgh-based firm will manage a portfolio of £90m to match the future liabilities arising from SIP’s annuity business.

Nick Parry, Director at SIP, said: “We believe that Cameron Hume will help us greatly simplify our arrangements for the delivery of an ALM service and provide better matching through their understanding of fixed income markets.”

Guy Cameron, Director at Cameron Hume, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to deliver an ALM service. This further helps showcase the range of fixed income investment services we are capable of providing.”


  • Sanlam Investment and Pensions is a UK based, advice-led wealth management business providing Wealth Planning advice to both private and corporate clients.
  • Sanlam Asset Management (Ireland) Limited is the international investment management platform managing funds domiciled in Ireland for Sanlam Group.
  • Cameron Hume Limited is an investment management company specialising in fixed income for large and sophisticated institutional clients.

For more details contact Keith Logan on 0131 603 6988 or email keith.logan@cameronhume.com