New Client Mandate

Sanlam FOUR appoints Cameron Hume to manage the SIP Gilt-Edged Fund.


Sanlam FOUR acting on behalf of Sanlam Investment and Pensions has appointed Cameron Hume to manage the GBP70M SIP Gilt-Edged Fund.

Justin Greeley, Head: Fund Solutions at Sanlam FOUR, said “We believe that Cameron Hume’s fixed income approach is ideally suited to achieving the investment objectives of the SIP Gilt-Edged Fund.”

Chris Torkington, Director at Cameron Hume, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to manage this portfolio on behalf of the clients of Sanlam Investment and Pensions.  This further broadens the range of fixed income investment services we are providing and is very encouraging  progress.”


Sanlam Investment and Pensions is a UK based, advice-led wealth management business providing Wealth Planning advice to both private and corporate clients.

Sanlam FOUR is a boutique investment manager and Sanlam FOUR Fund Solutions is the International Centre of Excellence for investment management for the Sanlam Group.

Cameron Hume Limited is an investment management company specialising in fixed income for large and sophisticated institutional clients.

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