Our ESG Fund

Global Fixed Income ESG Fund

We integrate ESG factors (Environmental, Social and Governance) into all aspects of fixed income investment. Our flagship fund, the Cameron Hume Global Fixed Income ESG Fund, exemplifies our approach.

We commit to building sustainable fixed income portfolios which balance risk and return to the best of our ability. We do this by using available ESG data to drive our investment decisions.

Our proprietary data-analytics engine, CaTo applies MSCI ESG factors to every fixed income investment we consider. Our experienced investment team uses ESG factors in real-time to validate every issuer – true ESG integration.

Cameron Hume is a signatory to the UN PRI – and is proud to have been awarded their highest rating (A+) for active ownership in 2019. We are strong supporters of the Paris Agreement, and have incorporated the TCFD guidance into our Responsible Investing Policy.

We are continuously developing our ESG approach and our ongoing research can be found on our Thought Exchange.

Responsible investing and ESG factors will define the investment landscape in the years to come. We would be delighted to talk to you about our Cameron Hume Global Fixed Income ESG Fund or work with you as your fixed income partner, to build a portfolio which reflects your specific ESG policy. Please get in touch!