Assets grow to $595m

Cameron Hume is made sole manager of the Sanlam Global Bond Fund.

Edinburgh fixed income specialist has US$595m assets under management.


Fixed income specialist Cameron Hume Limited has been appointed as the sole investment manager of the Sanlam Global Bond Fund.

The appointment, by Sanlam FOUR acting on behalf of Sanlam Universal Funds plc, brings the Edinburgh-based company’s total assets under management (AUM) to US$595million.

Cameron Hume was appointed as one of multiple investment managers to the Sanlam Global Bond Fund in 2013 and this was followed last year by its appointment by Sanlam FOUR, acting on behalf of Sanlam Investment and Pensions, to manage its £70million SIP Gilt-Edged Fund.

Earlier this year the company, founded in 2011 by co-directors Guy Cameron and Christian Torkington, was asked to manage a portfolio of £90m to match future liabilities arising from SIP’s annuity business.

Guy Cameron said the company was delighted by the faith shown in it by Sanlam in appointing it as sole manager to its Global Bond Fund. “We have developed a close and productive relationship with Sanlam since our first appointment three years ago and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the years ahead.”

Justin Greeley, Head: Fund Solutions at Sanlam FOUR, said: “We have worked closely with Cameron Hume as one of multiple sub-managers to the Sanlam Global Bond Fund over the last three years. We have been very impressed with their investment approach and the quality of the working relationship we have been able to build with them.”


  • Cameron Hume Limited is an investment management company specialising in fixed income for large and sophisticated institutional clients.
  • Sanlam Universal Funds plc is an umbrella type investment company with variable capital and segregated liability between sub-funds.
  • Sanlam FOUR is a boutique investment manager and Sanlam FOUR Fund Solutions is the International Centre of Excellence for investment management for the Sanlam Group.
  • Sanlam Investment and Pensions is a UK based, advice-led wealth management business providing Wealth Planning advice to both private and corporate clients.

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